Super Bowl Sunday

Michael and I are headed to Nashville this weekend for a wedding.  One of his best friends from Ole Miss is getting married and another one just got engaged, so it should be a really fun trip.  Personally, I’m pretty excited about the lunch we have booked at Husk.  We’re flying home late on Sunday, so we’re going to miss most of the Super Bowl fun.  Semi-sad to miss the game (who’s playing again?) but mostly sad to miss all the fun cooking and eating that’s going to go down on Sunday.   The following are a few ideas for your Sunday feast that we’ve made recently and one that I’m dying to try…

This turkey chili would be perfect for having friends over on Sunday.  Michael made it this week on one of our “snow days” and  it was awesome.  We used about a half teaspoon of oregano and thyme and a quarter teaspoon of cayenne, but otherwise kept the recipe intact and it was great.  I read in the comments that someone’s secret ingredient for chili is cocoa powder, which would be a fun addition to test out.


Smoked ribs on the Green Egg would be another fun one, but you’d have to ask Michael how he makes them.  Maybe I’ll get him to do a guest post about them sometime soon.  He’s made a few batches recently to rave reviews.


If you’re tasked with bringing something sweet to your Super Bowl party on Sunday, these whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies would be a great option.  They’re sourced from the critically acclaimed, Good to the Grain, which is all about using different flours to add richer taste and texture to baked goods.  (Any health benefits are strictly a bonus.)  The cookies have become something of an internet sensation, so I made a batch last weekend to accompany my coq au vin delivery, and they were pretty fabulous.  Huge, nutty, and delicious.  And the process is  really fun too.  You get to chop up whole bars of bittersweet chocolate…IMG_6871

get out all your fun baking gear…

IMG_6873 and scoop out huge cookies with an ice cream scoop.


And after about 20 minutes, they come out looking like this.


Although the recipe on the link above doesn’t mention it, you can roll up any leftover dough in a log, wrap it in parchment paper, and refrigerate or freeze to slice and bake for another occassion.  Would be a nice gift for your Super Bowl hostess!


I’m also DYING to make these on Sunday.  If anyone has the guts to do so, and publicize it, let me know!  They would be a hilarious and perfect addition to your Super Bowl spread.

Happy Super Bowl weekend.  Go team!

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Amy, that chili looks fantastic! A buddy of mine have competed in a chili cookoff using a recipe that always took 2nd place among 30-50 entries, and one year we decided to experiment with other ingredients to bring it up to a 1st PLACE chili. One of the experiments we did was the cocoa and we had a small panel at the house that consisted of family members and neighbors, and sadly the cocoa came in last place. =( I thought it was a nice twist, but obviously I may have been somewhat biased. LOL. If anyone has a killer chili recipe using the cocoa and is willing to share their secret with the world, I would totally be interested!! Thanks!

  2. Michael’s ribs were delicious!!! I was so happy to be included in the taste testing. Keep me on the list!!! Cookies look amazing. I love the idea of home made slice and bake cookies as a gift for friends. So clever!

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