Michael and I got married on Cinco de Mayo, 2012 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  We travelled from there to Hawaii for our honeymoon before we settled back into reality in Houston.  Cooking and entertaining (using all of our shiny, new wedding gifts) became our favorite activity, and pretty quickly, I knew I wanted to write him a cookbook for our first anniversary. I took pictures of everything we made that year, and quietly wrote a diary of our adventures in the kitchen together. The printed and bound volume of “Diary of a Newlywed Kitchen,” now sits proudly on a console in our living room, always ready to remind us of all the fun we had that first year.

Writing the book was a joy, and not just because I knew how much Michael would love it once I finally gave it to him. The writing gave me a place to reflect and capture our memories together, and it also made me seek out new recipies to make entertaining and even simple nights at home just a little more special. And once our anniversary passed, I missed it. So, while we are no longer true “newlyweds,” I wanted a place to continue to capture our life together and write about the food that oftentimes brings us together. I think there are still a few wedding gifts we haven’t used yet and a few recipies we still need to try. So here goes…

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